Class 2/Year 2

Miss Laura Parker (Class Teacher)
Miss Laura Parker (Class Teacher)
Miss T Kearney 
(TA Apprentice)
Miss T Kearney (TA Apprentice)
Claire Marshall
Miss C Marshall (TA)


Welcome to Year 2. This is a very exciting time for our pupils, as they really reap the rewards of the solid foundations laid in EYFS and Year 1. They are encouraged to work more independently, and acquire many new strategies that will support them as they make the transition into Key Stage 2. This final year in the Infants is full of exciting opportunities for our pupils to build their confidence.

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Class 2

Explore Homework For Monday 5th September 2022

Lesson 1 Parents Information Sheet Rules And Safe Strangers 

Lesson 1 Homework Safe Strangers Worksheet For Tuesday 20th September 2022

Lesson 2 Parents Information Sheet Safe Places To Play And Finding Dangerous Objects

What To Do If You Find A Needle Or Syringe

Lesson 2 Homework Safe Places To Play For Tuesday 27th September 2022 

Lesson 3 Parents Information Sheet Knowing Your Name And Address

Lesson 3 Home Fire Safety Plan

Lesson 3 Homework Activity Know Your Name And Address For Tuesday 4th October 2022 

Lesson 4 Parents Information Sheet Road Railway And Water Safety 

Lesson 4 Homework Spot The Hazards Near Water For Tuesday 11th October 2022 

Explore Homework For Monday 10th October 2022

Lesson 5 Parents Information Sheet Medicines And Drugs

Lesson 5 Homework Medicines And Drugs For Tuesday 1st November 2022 

Lesson 6 Parents Information Sheet Internet Safety

Lesson 6 Parenrs Information Online Safety Advice For Parent And Carers

Lesson 6 Homework Week 6 Task Staying Safe Online Quiz EMUS

Lesson 7 Parents Information Sheet Bullying

Lesson 7 Homework Bullying Task What Would You Do If

Lesson 8 Parents Information Sheet Strangers

Lesson 8 Homework Task Stranger Danger

Lesson 9 Parents Information Sheet What If You Become Lost

Lesson 9 Think Bubble Song Words 

Explore Homework For Monday 5th December 2022

Lesson 10 Parents Information Sheet Keeping Your Body Private 

Lesson 10 Parents Information

Your child has been given a paper copy. Please see the Christmas Reading Challenge below:

Christmas Reading Challenge 2022

Explore Homework For Monday 13th March 2023

Easter Reading Challenge 2023

Explore Homework For Monday 17th April 2023 Opportunities 

Explore Homework For Wednesday 24th May 2023 Spread The Word

Here are a variety of websites which you will find useful. Your child can use these to help and support their leaning. Please click  on the weblinks below and enjoy playing some of the games. Thank you. 

Spelling Shed

Times Table Rock Stars

BBC Bitesize for Primary Schools

Maths Topmarks

National Geographics Kids

Oxford Owl 

Chrome Music Lab