Class 1/Year 1

Mr M Hammond
Mr M Hammond (Teacher)
Mrs R Priestley
Mrs R Priestley (TA)
Lucy Brothers
Mrs L Brothers (TA)
Claire Marshall
Miss C Marshall (TA)


Leaving Reception behind and moving into Year 1 can feel like a big step for both children and their parents. To ensure that the transition from the Early Years into Year 1 is smooth, we begin in September with a play-based approach to learning that feels familiar to our children. Our Year 1 pupils continue to enjoy access to an outdoor area, role-play, and sensory activities which develop fine and gross motor skills as well as much more. This allows them to explore, discover and develop in their own way.

Please visit the website regularly to check for any updates.  We will also post information, photos and videos on Class Dojo.

Class 1

Explore Homework For Tuesday 20th September 2022

Phonics Homework for Monday 26th September 2022

You child has been given a paper copy. Please see the Christmas Reading Challenge below:

Christmas Reading Challenge 2022

Special People Explore Homework For Friday 13th Jan 2023

Phonics Homework for Monday 20th March

Your child will come home with a paper copy of a word search to search for the sound /er/. Please complete and bring this back on Monday 20th March. If you misplace a copy of this then please let me know and I will send another copy for you.

Phonics Homework for Monday 27th March

On the link below I have uploaded a number of Alien Words I would like the children to practise reading with you. Any issues accessing the link please let me know and send me a DOJO and then I can give out a paper copy.  Alien Words

Easter Reading Challenge 2023

Here are a variety of websites which you will find useful. Your child can use these to help and support their leaning. Please click  on the weblinks below and enjoy playing some of the games. Thank you. 

Spelling Shed

Times Table Rock Stars

BBC Bitesize for Primary Schools

Maths Topmarks

National Geographics Kids

Oxford Owl