School Council

Our School Council


We had an anti-bullying assembly to talk about the negative effects of bullying and what bullying really is.  Everyone understood that we need to tell an adult and help someone if they’re upset or getting bullied.  Alfred (Year 6)

We collect items for the homeless and separated the collection into shoe boxes for male and female.  We then decorated the boxes in Christmas wrapping paper and delivered them with Mrs Bamford to the church in Sutton-in-Ashfield.  There were some homeless there and they talked to us about why they needed to go there for donations and help/support.  They were very grateful for all our donations and it was really nice to speak to them.  Alfred (Year 6).

Counsellor Rostance visited us to talk about his role in the Community.  We told him about the things that we are trying to improve in school and what we do.  He learned more about our religion.  He said that we did a great important role as a school councilors and liked the things we have done.  Alfred (Year 6).

We had a odd sock competition to make a puppet with a sock and whichever got the most votes won a prize.  There were a lot of different looking puppets.  Alfred (Year 6).

The school council visited County Hall in Nottingham to speak about changes and improvements we can make in school.  We were put into groups for the sessions and gave everyone a voice.  Alfred (Year 6).