Payments and Communications

Communication System

The IRIS (My Ed) app is our current communication system used by our school office. Only general school or important information will be sent via the IRIS (My Ed) either via in app message or email.

The Class Dojo app is the preferred method of communication used by our class teachers and teaching support staff.  Parents and Carers are able to contact their child’s class teacher directly via this app.

Payment System

IRIS+Pay (ParentMail) app is our online service which allows parents to make payments quickly and easily on smartphone, tablet or computer.  School meals can also be pre-booked/paid using +Pay along with our Wrap Around Care provision and Club/Trips booking/payments.

IRIS+Pay (ParentMail)

IRIS+Pay (ParentMail) is a free parent App that gives a multitude of communication and information features to stay in touch with what is going on at school. The app gives you direct access to your child’s attendance, absence records, and more. You will also see that we update and change the information in the app as the school year moves along.   The IRIS+Pay (ParentMail) app is available for both Apple iOS and Android devices and can be found using the links below:

Step 1 - Go to your App Store
Step 2 - Search for My Ed
Step 3 - Download the free App
Or, you can click on these links to go directly to your App Store: Apple iOS App Store or Google Android App

Once you have installed and opened IRIS +Pay (ParentMail), search for Holy Cross Primary Catholic Voluntary Academy and follow the simple instructions to identify yourself.

School Meals

Parents are able to pre book/pay their child’s school lunch via the IRIS+Pay (ParentMail) app.  Parents will be able to choose online from the latest Aspens Catering Menu (weeks 1, 2 and 3) online and book for the week ahead, however, this will be refunded in the event of absence. Aspens have their own special diets/allergy forms/policy so please complete this and return to school if required.

Wrap Around Care Provision Payments

Parents are able to pre book and pay for wrap around care via the IRIS+Pay (ParentMail) app.  As with school meals this can be refunded in the event of absence if notified beforehand.  Even if you intend to pay childcare fees via childcare vouchers, wrap around care is still required to be booked via this app using the ‘Pay Later’ option.

If you require any assistance or have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact the School Office.

School Trips and Music Tuition Payments

Parents are able to pay for school trips and music tuition via the IRIS+Pay (ParentMail) app via Accounts – Payments – Shop.

If you require any assistance or have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact the School Office.