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Welcome to our Eco Page. If you have any ideas how to help make our school more Eco friendly then please contact Miss Duong, Mr Pascoe or our Eco Warriors of Saint Francis.  All of the work we do to look after God’s world is linked to one of our schools seven themes of conservation.

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What is Eco-Schools?

Eco-Schools is a seven step framework that thousands of schools, nurseries and colleges around the world use to introduce, manage and complete environmental actions in their organisation and local community. Uniquely, the Seven Steps aim to place young people at the heart of these environmental actions. This approach engages, motivates and empowers young people to care for our planet now and throughout their lifetimes. You can read a brief summary of each of the Seven Eco-Schools Steps below, or head to our Early Years, Primary or Secondary & College pathways above for the full criteria, further details, resources and examples.  When a school, nursery or college has worked through each of the Seven Steps, they can then apply for Eco-Schools Green Flag accreditation. The Eco-Schools Green Flag is international and recognised by organisations such as UNESCO. It is a symbol of a school’s commitment to environmental education.

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Biodiversity is the name we give to the variety of all life on Earth. Bacteria to baboons, plants to people – the range of life on our planet is incredible.  All living things exist within their own communities, or ecosystems – oceans, forests, deserts, ice caps and even cities. All this put together is biodiversity: the volume of life on Earth as well as how different species interact with each other and with the physical world around them.  The word biodiversity is a contraction of ‘biological diversity’. The concept is broad and complex, but that complexity is what makes Earth a perfect place for humans to live.


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