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Welcome to our Eco Page. If you have any ideas how to help make our school more Eco friendly then please contact Miss Duong, Mr Pascoe or our Eco Warriors of Saint Francis.  All of the work we do to look after God’s world is linked to one of our schools seven themes of conservation.

Miss S Duong

Eco Schools Co-ordinator

Our Eco Warriors

Our Eco Mission

What is Eco-Schools?

Eco-Schools is a seven step framework that thousands of schools, nurseries and colleges around the world use to introduce, manage and complete environmental actions in their organisation and local community. Uniquely, the Seven Steps aim to place young people at the heart of these environmental actions. This approach engages, motivates and empowers young people to care for our planet now and throughout their lifetimes. You can read a brief summary of each of the Seven Eco-Schools Steps below, or head to our Early Years, Primary or Secondary & College pathways above for the full criteria, further details, resources and examples.  When a school, nursery or college has worked through each of the Seven Steps, they can then apply for Eco-Schools Green Flag accreditation. The Eco-Schools Green Flag is international and recognised by organisations such as UNESCO. It is a symbol of a school’s commitment to environmental education.

Eco Schools Information


Each class will have a democratic vote to vote for two class members to represent their class.

We will have at least one meeting each term to make Holy Cross greener.

Our Gallery

Take a look at the gallery at the bottom of this page to see a few highlights of our Eco-activities.

Thank you, Miss Duong and Saint Francis’ Eco-Warriors.

Meeting Highlights

Our new Eco-Warriors have now met, looked and reviewed last year’s Environmental Review that was filled in by last year’s Eco-Warriors. They will now decide what they want to work on to make our school greener, Holy Cross to Green Cross.

Holy Cross follows the ten topics listed on the Eco-Schools website. These ten topics are listed below along with the aims for each topic.

Eco-Schools is part of Keep Britain Tidy. 


In this topic, we are:

Maintaining a high level of plant, insect and animal life locally and globally.







In this topic, we are:

Reducing energy use and investigating greener energy sources.

Global Citizenship

In this topic, we are:

Taking an active role in your community and making our planet more peaceful, sustainable and fair.





Healthy Living 

In this topic, we are:

Addressing your, and our planet’s health. These two issues are intrinsically linked!


In this topic, we are:

Reducing litter, which harms wildlife and costs millions to clear every year.









In this topic, we are:

Protecting and conserving water-based ecosystems.

School Grounds

In this topic, we are:

Improving School Grounds for students, staff, plants, insects and animals.


In this topic, we are:

Promoting and Encouraging Sustainable Transport.

Water Waste

In this topic, we are:

Refusing, reducing, reusing, repairing, recycling.

RHS School Gardening Awards Level 1 and Level 2

RHS School Gardening Awards L2

St Francis Climate Prayer and Reflection

Prayer Climate St Francis Reflection 

Letter from Pope Francis Our Common Home

Laudato Si Letter From Pope Francis About Our Common Home 

CAFOD Laudato Si Liturgical Prayer

CAFOD Laudato Si’ Liturgical Prayer 

Images from Laudato

Images From Laudato Si’ Animation 

CAFOD Laudato Si Poster

CAFOD Laudato Si Poster 

Laudato Si Colouring In Sheet

Wonderful World of Water

In April 2024, Seven Trent Water visited school to talk to the children about the importance of water, the water cycle and the part we need to play in helping companies like Severn Trent keep our drinking water clean and safe. The children found some of the facts from today absolutely fascinating!

Community Gardening Project

Our children create flower baskets and tubs to sell during the month of May every year. We link this to our Catholic Life by sharing the Hail Mary prayer with our families and parishioners who buy the tubs and pots.  All the money raised from the sale goes back into our Community Gardening Project.

Eco Schools Useful Links

Eco-Schools website. Click below for further information:

Laudato Si Care for Our Common Home. Click on the link below to listen to the letter from Pope Francis from the CAFOD website:

The National Farmers Union website provide an insight to farming, and links to one of our seven Curriculum themes on our Curriculum Cross, Farming.