Class Reception

Sara Bruce
Mrs S Bruce (Class Teacher)
Miss R Bowen (Apprentice Teacher)
Miss R Bowen (Apprentice Teacher)
Noeleen Knight
Mrs N Knight (TA)
Laura Rainbow
Mrs L Rainbow (TA)


We love getting to know our new children and their families.  We pride ourselves on our close relationships between home and school. This begins with our transition visits and welcome meetings, which really make our pupils and parents feel part of our community and confident about what school life at Holy Cross will bring.

Our Reception pupils enjoy access to our dedicated outdoor learning areas, as well as a stimulating and inviting classroom. These areas are full of resources to support class, group and independent learning. Some of our children’s favourite activities include getting messy in our mud kitchen, developing their imagination in our role play areas and using resources found in the natural environment to support their mathematical and scientific thinking.

Please visit the website regularly to check for any updates.  We will also post information, photos and videos on Class Dojo.

Reception Information

In Early Years, we do not have any spellings. Spellings will be given to your child in Year 1. However, it would be really useful for your child to know how to do the following things if they are confident and ready:

  • recognise their first name
  • recognise their surname
  • recognise their full name
  • write their first name with a capital letter for the first letter of their name, and then lower case for the rest of their name
  • write their second name with a capital letter for the first letter of their second name, and then lower case for the rest of their second name

If they can already write their first and second name, you may want to practise their letter formation for each of the letters of the alphabet.

Thank you for your continued help and support.

Here are a variety of websites which you will find useful. Your child can use these to help and support their leaning. Please click  on the weblinks below and enjoy playing some of the games. Thank you. 

Spelling Shed

BBC Bitesize for Primary Schools

Maths Topmarks

National Geographics Kids

Oxford Owl