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What's going on in Class 4?

Partake History

On 13th November, class 4 were lucky enough to be visited by Mr Adby from Partake History to help us learn more about the Romans. We dressed up as a rich Roman lady and a soldier before marching in Tortuga formation and being ‘attacked’ by Barbarians. We also had the chance to sample some delicious Roman foods and then learned more about ancient Roman culture by exploring a range of artefacts. We had an absolutely fantastic day! Video on the VSP.

Roman Road

On Tuesday 4th December, we made an edible Roman road.  To make it, we crushed biscuits for the sand base. Then we mixed Maltesers into custard to represent rocks in cement and layered it over the top of the crushed biscuits. Following that, we made crushed rocks in cement using a mixture of custard and M&Ms and poured it over the sand and concrete. Next, we placed a layer of custard creams on top to represent the slabs that the Roman army would have marched on! Finally, we chilled it in the fridge before enjoying our Roman treat.  Video on the VSP.

Roman 'poo'

In October, Miss Ray treated us to an investigation of Roman ‘poo’ in our topic lesson. We delved deep into some specially prepared faecal matter (all perfectly clean...honest!) to find out what a typical Roman diet would have looked like. Video on the VSP.

Mayan Day

In January, we had a fantastic Mayan experience where we had the chance to handle and explore Mayan artefacts, explore how important cacao was as part of the culture and the chance to make different types of hot chocolate. In the afternoon, we were really lucky to experience the ancient Mayan game of pok a tok. Video on the VSP.

Class 4 pictures