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What you said - what we did

Thank you to all your responses to the Catholic Life Provision at Holy Cross.

219 pupils, 19 staff, 77 parents and 6 Governors responded. 

Overall the audit demonstrated that the vast majority of stakeholders strongly agree that the Catholic Life of the school has a positive impact on their lives. 


Here's what you said, and what we plan to do-

You said  you believe that the school has a strong sense of social justice

We will continue to have Children's Rights Weeks and daily Collective Worships based upon social justice

You said that the vast majority of your children feel safe in school

We will continue to treat every child fairly and carry on living our Motto.

You said that you would like to plant more trees around our school

We have now planted 198 trees around the perimeter of our field. 

You said that you want to dress up in Mass to do the Response to the Word

We will try and  include this into our Masses.

You said that you would like the charity events spread more evenly across the year

We will ensure that charity events are spread over the school year, focusing on  Harvest, Advent and Lent.