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Week 3 20/04/20 - 25/04/20

Hopefully, you will all have watched the Daily Rambling of Two Teachers and this will have already been explained to you - if not what are you waiting for! Head on over! 


For the next two weeks, we are going to have two topic based challenges  before we launch into our Summer unit of learning. 


You will have your grammar on here - see below.  


Your Maths through the Maths tab and White Rose Maths link (if you are finding these easy go up a year, if you are finding them hard go down a year- just keep your brains ticking!)  Summer week 1.


Finally you will have a set of tasks all about our fantastic NHS. 


Please look at the document called NHS Project Task Sheet to see which order you need to read the PowerPoint Presentations. In the Daily Ramble, we will explain the tasks further. 


Don't forget that you still have  TTRS, Spelling Shed and YUMU to log into and Purple Mash too. Who Let The Gods Out is still being read on the English tab too - have you caught up? Its nearly finished and we have to delete them by the 30th April so don't miss out! 


Please don't stress if you can't get all of this done,the world will not end,  just try your best. I think it is important to know what the NHS is and hopefully these activities will help you understand better. 


Keep your work coming to us on Purple Mash or Email. We do love to see your wonderful work! 


Keep making us proud!