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Holy Cross Primary

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Loved, Valued, Challenged

Wednesday 10th February

WALT: order numbers to 20 


Count aloud with your child. Count from 1 to 20 together.  Then ask them to count from 1 to 20 without you. You can make this fun by rolling a ball back and forth as you count, play keepy up with a balloon and count as you bash it in the air, or count 20 marbles down a ramp etc


Cut out the digit cards and allow your child time to sort the digits in order. Encourage them to say the numbers and make corrections. 


If you want to make your own cards using post it notes or card please feel free to get creative. 


Once your child feels confident they have ordered them correctly they can stick the digit cards in their book. 

Forest Schools 


Please choose 1 activity from the website below.  This will depend on what resources you have at home.  I hope you have fun getting closer to nature.