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Loved, Valued, Challenged

Tuesday 2nd February

WALT : form recognisable letters. 


Watch the handwriting video on Class Dojo – all high frequency words covered so far.


Once your child has watched the video and done their handwriting, take a picture of it and send it to me on Class Dojo 



Time to talk.  This is a talking activity!


Recap the story of Supertato and talk about how you might change the ending. Could you have a different baddy? Cunning courgette, bad broccoli???


Additional tasks - you can do these extra challenges to gain more house points 




Play a board game using 2 dice and add the numbers together to move on. . 


Watch the video

Subitize to 10


Model playing a simple board game using two dice.  Children can either subitize the numbers (recognise it just by looking at the spots) or of they need more support they can count the spots.


If you don’t have dice at home use this virtual dice roller


Ask – What number did you roll?  How many are there altogether?  How many more do you need to win the game.






Download the free game to your device. Enjoy controlling the bee.