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Thursday 4th February



WALT: write simple sentences which can be read by ourselves and others.

I can begin to write my own superhero story based on Supertato

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Watch the video of Supertato again.


Earlier this week you spent time thinking about how you might change the story.  You can change the bad vegetable in the story. Could you have a Bad Broccoli or a Terrible Turnip?  You can change the ending.  What might happen in the end?  Will the Cunning Carrot get away? 


Talk about how your story might play out.  


How will your story start?  Say the sentence out loud. Use your phonics to hear the sounds and write sentences. 


This writing should be a true reflection of your child's ability so it may have spelling errors.  This is fine as long as they are using the sounds they can hear to form words.  They should be working towards reading each sentence back to check it makes sense. 

Once you have completed the story, send me a picture of your writing on Class Dojo. 

Come and See (RE) 


WALT: know how and why people gather together.


Discover what activities children and families like to do together.

Play a game where children realise they need the support and encouragement of others. Which activities are done better together? What makes them better? 


Now,  play games that require teamwork and collaboration. Talk about how they need each other to do this well. 


  • Teach your child to play rock paper scissors.
  • Play animal charades. (They act out being an animal and the other person guesses what it is). 


Talk about activities that are better done together. Think of a game where children realise they need the support and encouragement of others. Write and draw the game in your work book. E.g. The farmers in his den, football, orange and lemons, rock paper scissors.