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Thursday 11th February

WALT: compare the height of different objects.


This is a play based activity.  Sit with your child and engage with them in a play based way.  First you will build a tower from bricks, Lego, blocks etc.  Ask your child - can you build a tower that is taller than mine?  Can you build a tower that is smaller than mine? Encourage them to build different towers and compare them.  Listen for your child using the language of taller, tallest, smaller and smallest.  Encourage them and give lots of praise. 


You could develop this activity by saying I need to build a bridge for this truck to go under.  How tall should the bridge be? 


If you don't have these resources at home then please feel free to get creative with this objective and find items from around the house to compare height. Place the objects next to each other and use the language of taller, tallest, smaller, smallest. 


Understanding of the world (Science) 


WALT think about how changes affect floating and sinking.


Give the children a ball of plasticine each.  What will happen to the plasticine if you drop it into water? Make predictions then place the ball in the water.  It will sink.


Display a number of toy boats, paper boats, tin foil boats, upturned containers.  Will these float?


How can we change the plasticine to help it float?  Model moulding the plasticine to make it into a boat shape.  Gently place it into the water.  It should now float.


What changed? Why does it now float?

Our Lady of Lourdes Pilgrimage day


Watch the video telling the story of St Bernadette


Talk to your child about the story.


Respond to the story by making a piece of art using whatever you have at home. 

This could be a drawing, painting or a prayer to name a few.