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Thur 14th Jan

Look at the pictures. Talk about what you think each worker does. This is a talk about activity.

WALT: write our own name and other things such as labels, caption. 


Talk about the different NHS workers we have covered this week.  Draw a picture of a NHS worker e.g. doctor, nurse, paramedic


Write a caption to go with the picture


e.g. Doctors give use medicine to make us feel better. 


Use the sounds you can hear to write.  This will mean that there are words spelt incorrectly. It is more important that children hear and say the sounds to build words. 

WALT: to talk about and recognise the role of a Priest


What does he need to help him celebrate?


Talk about the things you see in church e.g. bible, candle, chalice, bread, cloth, cross etc.

Can the children name them?

Do they know what they are for?


Draw an artefact from the church and say how it forms part of the celebration.


Write a sentence


Fr John needs a ………… to ………..