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The police visit class 1 - 21st January

Police Community Support Officer PC Louise Higgins visited Class 1 today as part of our work on people who help us.

Louise showed us her jacket to keep her warm and safe.  She also showed us her police body armour to protect her body against knives and guns.  The children tried the body armour on, but they all said it was very heavy!

Louise had a radio.  It had an orange button which tells the police when she needs back up.  It is like a sat nav so the police know where she is at all times.

Paris asked what her pens were for.  Louise said they were for writing information.

We talked about the number to call for the police.  Cameron knew 999.

Louise has a first aid kit with bandages and plasters in.

Louise got a call to ask if she had finished so her colleagues could pick her up.  Simon came in the police van.  The children enjoyed looking around the van.  Simon then played the sirens.  The children thought they were very noisy.

Thank you to the police for visiting Class 1 today.  The children really enjoyed the visit and they learnt alot of information about the police.