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Saint Francis' Eco- Warriors 2020-2021

Welcome to the Eco Office,

office to the Eco Warriors of Saint Francis for 2020 - 2021!

This year is going to be a little different with the current Covid situation.   

We will be having a democratic vote from one of the classes to represent

their thoughts and views for the school.

This year we have two Year 2 children as our Saint Francis Eco-Warriors.


Click on the link below for Forest Schools with Mrs Hudson. See the link below:

Checking on our Trees for Learning trees

We have been growing vegetables with Mrs Hudson in Forest Schools

Growing Peas

Fratelli Tutti - Looking After God’s Wonderful World

After learning about climate change last week on Earth Day, Year 4 have extended their learning to finding out about protecting our oceans too.

Year 3 - Following on from Earth day and our ‘conservation’ and ‘farming’ curriculum themes! A beautiful display of the quality writing and art work produced using the text ‘The book of bees’.

Earth Day April 2021 - see some examples of our work below

Learning about Africa and the climate

Learning all about Wangari Maathai who influenced the planting of 30 million trees in Kenya

Some examples from our Forest Schools work with Mrs Hudson

Class 2 planted Marigolds - we hope they grow


Mud Painting

Class 1 mixed water and mud together and created these lovely pieces of art! 

Autumn said, "We used stones and sticks to hold the paper down, but some of the paper blew away! Then we put some mud in a pot  and it was thick, so we added some water and we painted our pictures."

Riley said, "It is Cassidy on a waterfall."

Leo said, "I painted a Venus flytrap with flowers below it and with a big, big, big, big juicy fly!"

Enoch said, "So, I painted a picture of me eating pizza on a picnic!"

Edward said, "I painted a muddy puddle!"

Ciaran said, "I painted grass, flowers, and sky." 

Dillon said, "It was fun."

Welcome back Phil from Severn Trent. He is back again this year to work with our Year 4 and 6 children for a live stream on Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Forest Schools with Mrs Hudson - We have been making bird feeders and planting bulbs too. Making Holy Cross Green Cross!