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Prayer & Care Group

The Prayer and Care Group lead the whole school in small groups on the Journey of the Cross. We stopped and thought about Jesus’ journey in different parts of our school using the art work different classes had produced. 

There is a video on our VSP player under Catholic Life. 

The Care And Prayer Group have provided us with some excellent Collective Worships for special occasions, organised Masses, written Adoration Acts of Worship and worked hard to keep our environment prayer friendly.  You said that you really enjoyed it when the Prayer and Care Group take over, so that’s exactly what they are going to be doing.


Every Monday, they are now going to lead our Collective Worships and

celebrations of the previous week. 

We will be looking out for new members soon as Year 6 are sadly going to leave us, but I am sure they will pass on their knowledge and experience to new members

during the summer term! 


Our Lent Collective Worship

The Prayer and Care Group have been monitoring our Prayers Areas again!

Each week we will have a Statement to Live By

in which we try to live our School's Mission 


This week's statement to live by is:
I know that I belong to a community that includes my school

Prayer and Care Group Manners Collective Worship

Still image for this video
Have a watch of our Collective Worship we planned with Joe!

Children's Prayers


Dear God.  Send the Holy Spirit to fill all of us up.  Help us to let the Holy Spirit glide into our bodies freely.  Make the Holy Spirit give us love, dignity and sharing.  May the Holy Spirit be with us always and with all our families, friends and relatives.  Amen.  Austin


Dear God.  Please help us to listen more and pay more attention in class.  Let us be grateful to Mrs Hudson and Mrs Jones for spending their time teaching us.  Help us to work hard in lessons and play and chat outside.  Help us to listen to Mrs Hudson teaching us about your Holy Word and Miss Jones teaching us Maths.  Amen.  Hannah