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Week beginning 6th July - We have been recapping phase 3 and 4 for a while now. Lets move to phase 5 activities so you can see a little more of what you will be learning in Year 1

Phase 2 - If your child is very active and doesn't enjoy reading hide the words around the garden or peg them on a low washing line. Children can match the pictures and the words in a fun way.

Phase 3 - Picture and word match. If it is a rainy day hide the pictures around the front room and then hand a word to your child to read. Ask them to find the matching picture. They can collect points towards a reward depending on how many they can read. Gradually build up a bank of words over time with lots of words they know and then add a few new words to the game each time you play.

Phase 4 - Why not play a memory game. Turn all the cards face down. Your child can turn over two cards. Read the card and try to match it to a picture. If the picture and word don't match they must put the cards back. This game promotes lots of repetition and is fun.

Monster Phonics

Please follow this link for home learning and sample books.

This may help if you have run out of books that are aimed at your child's phonic level.

For example this book is based around the sh and ch digraphs.

Phase 4 Phonics planning

25th March


Please take your phonics outside and enjoy the beautiful day. 


Why don't you use chalks to write the graphemes in the phase 3 planning? 


Try using old cereal boxes or old birthday cards to cut small squares of card out. Then write the letters of your child's name on individual squares of card.  Hide the cards around the garden and ask them to find them.  Once the cards have been found tell them that a wonderful word is hidden in the jumbled letters.  See if they can make small words from their name and then see if they can find their name.