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Our Chaplain

Our Chaplains

Joe McCay

My name is Joe McCay and I am the Lay Chaplain at Christ the King Catholic Voluntary Academy.


Being a Catholic has always been a part of me and it is a very special part of me. Something which I feel obliged to try and pass on to others so that they can see the love of God in their lives. After trying to do this through training to be a priest, I found myself in sabbatical mode and searching for others ways to do this. School chaplaincy was where God wanted me to go and I have enjoyed every minute.


I am a huge Leeds United fan, which Mr Della-Spina is not too happy about! I have a season ticket and go to as many games as I can. I would say that it is a fun thing to do, but unfortunately I cannot guarantee that it always is!

I play five a side football and also enjoy a good game of snooker. Whatever it may be, I enjoy the company of my friends and family and my aim in life is to have as much laughter and smiles with them as I can. Remember everyone, a day without a smile is a day wasted!


I look forward to meeting you all and hope you all enjoy meeting us too! If you ever need to contact me then do not hesitate to. That is for everyone! Staff, student, governors, parents, if you ever need some support then feel free to contact me via these avenues:

Email –

Telephone – 0115 955 6262 Ext. 156

Brodie Bardwell

My Name is Brodie Bardwell and I am the current Emmaus Project Volunteer at Christ the King CVA.


My Faith

To me religion is something that has become so important in my life that I feel it is only right that I bring it to the lives of all the wonderful young people I meet. I have been catholic all of my life but have only recently wanted to become an active member of my faith and enrich the lives of young people by bringing all the laughs and all the love of God everywhere I go.


My Hobbies

Whenever I get the chance I love to get out on my skateboard, I try and skateboard to school and at least get out to my local skate park after work. I have been skating for at least 4 years now and it has become such a big part of my social life and interests.  I also enjoy meeting up with my friends whenever possible, whether it is going to play some 5 a side football or going into town for some food I always love being around my friends.


It is going to be a year full of fun and exciting times!  I hope to see you all very soon, if you need to get into contact with me my email address is just below.


Email –