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Monday 25th

Read a book on Rising Stars 



Cut out small squares of paper or card. These can be the houses. 

Provide your children with a strip of paper (this can be the street). 

Can the child write numbers 1 to 6 on houses? Can they stick them onto the strip of paper? Are the numbers in order? 

What number would come next if you added another number? And another?  Can your child point to the numbers and say them aloud? Are the numbers formed correctly?  


Take a photo of this and share it on class dojo 

Understanding of the World (Science) 


WALT look closely at which objects float and which objects sink. 


Provide your child with a range of objects.


Pebbles, ping pong ball, spoon, sponge (things you can find around the house). 


Explore which objects float and which objects sink.  You could sort the objects into two groups FLOAT and SINK 


Talk about the similarities and differences between the objects.