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Holy Cross Primary

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Loved, Valued, Challenged

Monday 1st February


This session will be modelled on a class dojo video 

Sing the days of the week song

WALT: combine 2 groups.


Model to the children using a coat hanger and pegs.

How many pegs are one the right side?

How many on the left?

How many altogether?



Children use this method to say different number sentences.  Record the number sentences on the sheet and hand it into class dojo 



Additional challenge task 


WALT look closely at similarities and differences.


Provide the children with a range of objects.  Some will float and some will sink.

Before the children put the objects into the water ask them to hold, feel and predict which ones will float and which ones will sink.

Ask – why have you made this decision?


Then give the children time to see if their predictions were correct. 

Get children to fill out the observation table.  On a post it note adults to scribe things the children said about the similarities and differences. Stick this to the sheet and add it to the star books