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Loved, Valued, Challenged

Monday 18th January


WALT: compare mass


Use the language of lighter, heavier, lightest, and heaviest.

Collect some objects from around the room and explore which is the heaviest and which is the lightest. For this you can use a bucket balance or the coat hanger and cups or just hold the items (one in each hand) and think about which one feel heavier/ lighter).

Avoid the common misconception that small items are light and big items are heavy.

Understanding of the World



WALT: think about how and why changes occur.


Make frozen sun catchers.  Place natural materials (twigs, leaves, evergreens, pinecones) in ice-cream/take away tubs. Pour in water.  Place in the freezer. If there isn’t any room in the freezer now you can at least collect the resources.

Later this week. Hang the frozen creations around the outdoor area.

Encourage your child to monitor the sun catchers at intervals as they change.

Make 3 drawings of the sun catchers and talk about why the changes are happening.

Suncatcher observations. If you cannot print this out don't worry just draw it in your school activity book.