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Here are some other African themed tasks that I have found linked to our Africa topic. It might be good to recap this learning.

Week beginning 11th May - Adding by counting on

Listen to the story.

Then have a go at the White Rose Maths activities

Tell the time. 

It's a great activity to do at home and it's an essential life skill. 

Take the family clock off the wall and point to the two hands of the clock.  Explain the difference between the hour hand and the minute hand.  Note how they are different in size and do different jobs.  Show lots of examples by moving the hands on the clock. 


Ask your child to show you a time by moving the hands.  


Please stick to just times to the hour. 1 o'clock, 5 o'clock, 11 o'clock etc


Talk about what happens at the different times of the day to give it context. 


If your child is particularly advanced then move to half past the hour but only do this when they are fully secure at telling time to the hour. Children remember more when we limit the amount of new information given at any one time. 


Keep going back over this activity on a daily basis. To revisit and recap is essential. Use the Mr Wolf game on twinkl to recap the learning. Click on the link below. 

We have got Numbots up and running.  Yay!


It's part of TT Rockstars.  It is similar to Spelling shed in that there is a league and activities where you win coins etc


Please follow the link and use your normal login details that you use for Spelling shed and purple mash.  You will find these at the back of your yellow reading record.



Here is a very helpful web page with video links and activities.  Why not try some of these when you have had enough of being out in the sun.