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Letter formation

Week beginning 20th July 

Keep working on your letter formation at home 

Monday - F  G  H  I  J

Tuesday K L M N O P

Wednesday  Q  R  S  T  U

Thursday V W X Y Z 

Friday - Which capitals did you find hard this week?  Recap the ones you thought were hard to master. 

Week beginning 13th July

Names need capital letters.  Talk about the names in your family or point out signs you see around you. Add your own words to the list. Upper case letters need to be as tall as l, d, b etc. They must sit on the line. Enjoy!

Monday - Anna, Adam, Aldi, Argos, Alan 

Tuesday - Ben, Bits and Bobs (from cbeebies), Barney Bear, Buddy, Bing

Wednesday - Carl, Co-op, Claire's , Clangers, Cloudbabies, Clifford

Thursday - Domino's, Duggee, Danger mouse 

Friday - Elmer Elephant, Emma, Everton 


Week beginning 6th July. We are getting our children ready for Year 1. Do one page each day this week. Your child can write in their book if you don't have a printer.

Handwriting linked to Handa's Surprise

Week beginning 29th June - Long ladder words 

Monday - l i - let, leg, lip, into, insect, it.

Tuesday t - to, top, till, toy, tight, town.

Wednesday u - under, up, until, umbrella. 

Thursday j -  jet, joy, jump, join, juggle. 

Friday y - yes, yo-yo, yellow, yummy, you. 

Have a go at each letter from the one armed robot family

Week beginning 22nd June - One armed robot words 

Monday - be, bun, ball, back, burn, behind 

Tuesday - had, hand, hard, ham, hunt, hurt

Wednesday - kit, kite, king, kick, key, kitten,  kangaroo (please ensure the k has a curly cursive top) 

Thursday - no, not, night, nap, net, nut, nib

Friday - map, man, mop, money, must, make

This is really helpful. Have a go at one sheet each day.

Week beginning 15th June - Handwriting in your book. 

Remember to write the day of the week too. 

Monday - letter formation v, w, x, z, 

Tuesday - Very, vet, van, vase, violin.

Wednesday - We, wet, wax, when, win, wig.

Thursday - X-ray, box, mix, fix, fox, six

Friday - Zigzag, zip, zoom, zero.

Week beginning 8th June


Write words using the curly caterpillar letters. 


can, and, dad, go eggs cage, age, dogs, fog, of and off


Write them in your book. Put some of the words into sentences. 

One armed robot letters - week beginning 1st June

Let's learn to write these words. They will help us in Year 1. Choose 3 words to write. Every day add another word to the list. Allow the list of words you are writing to increase daily . This will allow us to increase our knowledge gradually and solidly.

Sand tray handwriting. Keep it fun. Keep it Early Years

Long ladder letters - watch the short video then have a go at the worksheets.

Use the PowerPoint to support teaching letter formation.