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6th February 2018

Today at Holy Cross is e-safety day, all the classes are doing different activities.  Class 5 are writing an e-safety booklet in the eyes of a character from a book they have been reading in class.  We played a game where Mr della-Spina read out a situation and we had to put our hands in the air (if we thought this was ok) or put our hands on our shoulders (if not sure) or have our arms crossed (if this is not allowed).  We realised that these rules are in place to keep us safe.  We know that we should not talk to strangers online.  We have learned that online games are extremely dangerous such as Roblox, Animal Jam, Minecraft and many more.  We have to be careful online and never click on something we are not sure about.  Deryn

20th November 2017

Last Friday we had a Children in Need Day.  We wore spots and lots of people also had bears on them.  We had a lovely day.  Alexis

17th May 2017

Some of the children in school are getting ready for making their First Holy Communion. We are having extra lessons on Monday after school learning about the Holy Mass and what happens during the Mass. We have a first reconciliation book that we have all done. At the moment we are doing a first holy communion book .The teachers that are doing our lessons are Miss Hornsby and Mrs Butkevicious and also Mrs Bevins who is a helper. Noah 

29th March 2017

Today was our CASE assembly.  We had so much fun.  Our class got CASE t-shirts so we know how to be safe.  We sang the Think Bubble song to all the children.  Siena

27th March 2017

I am in the Job Squad, where I do jobs for the office and teachers, along with Angelina, Holly, Ellie, Cara, Lewis, Kasia and Emily, who are all my friends so it's nice to work with them.  Sometimes we work in Reception with Miss Duong or help the ladies in the office - we have lots of fun!  Deryn

24th March 2017

This month we have been getting ready for the Easter Production and looking forward to our Easter Fayre.  Our Easter performance is where classes in Year 4 and 3 retell the Easter Story.  Our Easter Fayre is where we can buy sweets/cakes/chocolates and raffle tickets to win prizes which helps our school raise money.  We also do lots of RE/Come and See because it is Lent, the time where you give something up like sweets, chocolate, TV or games.  Angelina