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Home learning week 6

Timetable week beginning 1st February

Timetable week beginning 25th January

Timetable week beginning 18th January 2021

Timetable week beginning 11th January 2021

Timetable week beginning 4th January 2021

Please do not worry about any of these activities.  I will be posting videos on Class Dojo every day to support you through everything. 


These activities are only short and should not take all day.  In EYFS children do short tasks with adults and then access the learning areas, playing with the resources and moving from task to task.  I have shared focus tasks with you but please have lots of breaks and allow your child to play with their toys and siblings.  Try to go out in the garden when possible and get some fresh air too. 


Set out 3 plates.  On each plate put a different amount of objects.  These could be raisins, grapes or play food. 


On the first plate put 3 items, on the second plate put 4 items, on the third plate put 5 items. 


Is this fair?  Who has the most/least?  How many more do you need to make it fair?


Increase the numbers on each plate if they can answer the questions well.  Send me a photo on class dojo. 

Wednesday Wants and Needs. Think about things you want like toys and sweets. Then think about things you need like water, shelter and food.

Draw a line down a piece of paper. Write the headings Wants (one the left)  and Needs (on the right) 


The children can cut out pictures form magazines, catalogues etc and place them in the correct column 


You may wish to search for images of food, water, shelter ect on the internet. 


If you do not have these resources then you and your child can draw pictures and scribe your ideas. 




Wednesday Self portrait and cutting skills assessment. This should be a true reflection of your child's ability.

Thursday Children's Rights Poster. Talk about the right of the child. Look at the PowerPoint. Make a poster about what your child understands. This can include drawings and simple labels.



Come and See - Celebrations 


Which celebrations do you enjoy the most?  Why? 

How do we celebrate? 

Who takes part? 

Celebration activity

Friday WALT compare numbers to 5 and beyond

Friday - WALT : compare numbers to 5

 Show the child a number of different dot plates.  Can you find the plate with 4 dots? Can you find the plate with less than 4 dots? Can you put the plates in order? Can you find which number is missing in the sequence?

Friday - Please do this activity and then upload it to Class Dojo on portfolios.  I have set this as a specific task. 


WALT: attempt to write short sentences in meaningful contexts



How do postal workers help us?


Write thank you letters to a family member or a

friend and post it. 

Here is a scaffold to help you. 


Dear .......


Thank you for …(toy)


Love from


Friday - 

Understanding of the World -

WALT: talk about and make observations of changes.


How can we free the arctic animals from the icebergs?

Place small world toys (these can be any toy of you don't have arctic animals) in a plastic tub with water and put them in the freezer overnight. 


Children to draw what they can see.


Make observations

Use tools (child friendly play tools) and salt to affect changes to the ice.


At any point during the next three weeks make observations of freezing and melting in the outdoor area, pond, on your walk around the local area, in your garden etc

Week beginning 16th November


Tuesday Owl Babies Green and Blue group

Thursday Owl babies writing for Yellow, Red and Purple groups

Planning overview week beginning 2nd November

Watch the video of the counting book.  Pause the video at every couple of pages and talk about what you can see.  Can your child count 1 sun, 1 snowman etc.  Can they see how the counting stick on the left hand side is getting bigger? 

Thursday Bonfire writing using cvc words. Here are the documents for you to look at. Please find the task on class Dojo. This can be done as a remote worksheet.

Planning overview for week beginning 12th October 2020

Planning overview week beginning 5th October 2020