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History and Geography

Term 3


Ideas - Using photographs would be a nice idea. I really like the 3D one! Which one can you make?

In geography, the children had started to find out about the United Kingdom.

The children need to be able to; name, locate and identify characteristics of
the four countries and capital cities of the UK
and its surrounding seas.

The following websites have a selection of videos to watch together and a quiz.

Please support your child with the following activity.

WALT: create a fact file for each of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom.

Include the name of the capital city, draw the flag for each county. Can you find out what the emblem for each country is? Can you describe and draw a landmark for each country? What else have you found out? 

Please use capital letters, finger spaces, and full stops. 

Fact File template. If you cannot access a printer use the template as a guide and do the work in your Home Learning Adventure book.