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Trees for Learning trees

Year 1 make birds feeds - February 2020

Click on the link below to see what the Year 1s have been getting up to:


Trees For Learning - November 2019

Nic and Lynn came back to plant a Field Maple and Oak tree back in November. They checked on the shrubs and trees we planted back in December 2018. They also played some nature games and we made creatures using resources from our natural world.

Click on the link below to see what we got up to:


They should be back in Autumn 2020!

Gardening Club Photos

Trees For Learning - December 2018

During the past few months, our Saint Francis Eco-Warriors have been working together to discuss how we can make the school environment better. We thought about a few main topics that we wanted to address and decided on plastic and growing.


Using her own initiative, Hannah made a poster about why we should reduce our plastic waste and this has been laminated to be displayed in each and every classroom. Thank you Hannah.


After some discussion we talked about why we wanted to grow more trees on the school grounds and helped Miss Duong to contact Trees for Learning where we could get trees for free. Nic came to plant some trees with each and every child in school and Father Paul came to bless them. We planted the trees around the school grounds, along the school field and we hope that they will grow nice and tall.


We will continue to be more eco-friendly next year and hope to address our action plan so that we can achieve our green flag status in 2019. Watch this green space!!!


Saint Francis' work continues - Summer 2018

Over this school year, we have been very busy trying to make our school grounds more Eco-friendly.


We have all planted a sunflower and grown them at home and then a few weeks later, we brought them back to school to be planted around the ground. some of them have now flowered and are very tall too.We have also been planting our own fruit and vegetables; strawberries, gooseberries, tomatoes, lettuce and peas in The Forest Kingdom, Year 1 outside area and around Mr Pascoe's shed at the back of school. 


We have also built a bug hotel to attract more minibeast on the school grounds, in The Forest Kingdom, and the children have even created a gardening rota to help water the plants during the very hot weather.


Pears have now started to appear in the bubble garden, near the bottom gate, and we have yet to see any apples on our apply tree so watch this space.


Next year we hope to plant more trees around the school grounds with the help of Nottingham County Council.

Catch videos on our VSP under the 'Whole School' tab for further green videos.


Saint Francis' work continues - update May 2017

Our work continues and we aim to develop the school grounds and environment even further.

Please see the video on the VSP link which shows you what we got up to in May.


Update 3rd October 2016, Report by Mrs Claire Snowdon (Parents Friends Group Coordinator)


We’ve been working on the school grounds for the last three weeks and our work has included cutting back overgrown hedges, weeding and digging over flower beds, painting the handrail near the school gate, tidying up the area around the Prayer Garden and laying new slabs to keep the area clean, preparing the area near the tap for a “Roman Road” and planting daffodil bulbs that were very kindly donated by Tesco. We’ve also installed four new colourful plastic tables/chairs for the children to use, replacing the old wooden ones.


Our primary focus has been around the pond area – we’ve painted the entire fence and gate, cut back overhanging trees, dug over and weeded the area around the pond, laid weed suppressant and bark chippings, planted lots of new plants, created new flower beds and made a bug hotel. The pond area is now a safe place for children to use and a very attractive place for lots of wildlife and bugs!


We still have some painting to do, mainly around the Reception classes, The Forest Kingdom and the Prayer Garden and need to continue cutting back overgrown hedges.