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Fri 15th Jan


WALT: solve problems  involving the composition of 4 and 5

Show the children 4 ducks.  Ask the children to close their eyes. Use a blue cloth or towel (as the pond) and cover some up.

Ask the children how many are missing? Ask them to draw how many they can see and how many they think are hidden.

This can be repeated using different arrangements.  Then use 5 objects.

You can do this activity with cars in a garage, horses in a stable.

Expressive art and design


You can make your own NHS worker badge.   Use a hole-punch and ribbon to make a lanyard.



Use crayons, pastels, paints or chalks to make an image of a NHS worker.



  • Use percussion instruments to make the sound of sirens. What instruments make the loudest or quietest sounds?
  • Emergency service vehicles often need to travel quickly when they have their sirens on. Ask the children to travel slowly around a space and then when they hear the siren (possibly a tambourine) they need to travel quickly and safely.
  • Sing/chant Miss Polly Had a Dolly Who was Sick