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Evacuee Day - Wednesday 26th May 2010

'Evacuee Day'

As we had been studying Evacuee's in our history topic, we decided to have an Evacuee Day. This was due to us all loving this history unit so much. We learnt so much about World War 2 and those who lived through it, especially the children.

We were all asked to come into school in an Evacuee costume. We all made a huge effort and looked fantastic. We then made sandwiches which was from our Design and Technology unit and had a picnic. We munched away listening to Vera Lynn and Miss Underwood kept reminding us not to 'waste our food as there is a war going on!' Miss Underwood told us that even though we are pretending to be in the 1940's there is no harm in us having a few modern day treats. We then went outside to play the playground games Miss Underwood and Mrs Turner had taught us in Music.
To wind down for the day, we were all given a WW2 activity booklet. We did crosswords, wordsearches etc. The perfect end to the perfect day!

All the following children have been evacuted from the city Liverpool. They have come here to this small town, Hucknall...will someone please give them a safe, warm, happy place to live?

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