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Eco Office

Welcome to the Eco Office,

office to the Eco Warriors of Saint Francis!

Each class has had a democratic vote to elect two members

from each class to represent their thoughts and views.

Picture 1 The CEOs of Saint Francis’ Eco-Warriors

Saint Francis Eco- Warriors have been elected from each class, photos to be used uploaded soon.


New for 2019,  we have two CEOs (Chief Executive Officers for Saint Francis’ Eco-Warriors), who are supporting me to achieve our Green Flag status. Watch this green space. Thank you. Miss Duong.


Trees For Learning - December 2018

During the past few months, our Saint Francis Eco-Warriors have been working together to discuss how we can make the school environment better. We thought about a few main topics that we wanted to address and decided on plastic and growing.


Using her own initiative, Hannah made a poster about why we should reduce our plastic waste and this has been laminated to be displayed in each and every classroom. Thank you Hannah.


After some discussion we talked about why we wanted to grow more trees on the school grounds and helped Miss Duong to contact Trees for Learning where we could get trees for free. Nic came to plant some trees with each and every child in school and Father Paul came to bless them. We planted the trees around the school grounds, along the school field and we hope that they will grow nice and tall.


We will continue to be more eco-friendly next year and hope to address our action plan so that we can achieve our green flag status in 2019. Watch this green space!!!

Please meet our Saint Francis Eco-Warriors of 2018-2019

Here is a Prayer we Can Pray to help us and remind us to look after our Earth