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Wednesday 4th May 2022 - We went to Pizza Express today to make pizzas. This links to our farming topic of growing ingredients to make other foods, our wheat plant, but also our science topic of what plants need to grow and our D&T project this term.

We then compared our chosen design and final product and talked as a class and with our friends to answer these two question; does our end product look like our design? Did we change it and why?

Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd February 2022 - we continued to sew and join two templates as well as decorate our puppets to either look like our chosen design, or changed and altered it completely. What a fantastic job!

Friday 28th January 2022 - WALT: joining two templates using over or running stitch - a few example photos to show what we did. A great lesson Year 2!

Friday 21st January 2022 - WALT: use a needle to practise over stitch and running stitch - we are starting to get the hang of it

Friday 14th January 2022 - WALT: make a hand puppet prototype - we practised using paper to make our hand puppet - see some examples below:

Friday 7th January 2022 - WALT: design a hand puppet

We have been learning about motion and direction. We worked in pairs to sort the pictures into four different types of motion, see below.