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Dental Nurses visit Class 5 - 15th October

Two dental nurses visit class 5

On Thursday 15th October, Laura and Saffia came to visit class 5. They came to talk to us about caring for our teeth. We have been learning about our teeth during our Science lessons. We learnt about the different names our teeth have, how to brush our teeth properly and what can happen to our teeth if we don't brush them properly.



A group of children at a time brushed their teeth and then had a disclosing tablet. This showed the children any plaque that was still on their teeth after cleaning them. Saffia and Laura helped all of the children to see which parts of their teeth needed to be cleaned better next time.

We had a quiz to check what the children had learnt during the afternoon. All of the children went home with a special pack containing posters, stickers, toothpaste and a calendar.

A big thank you to Saffia and Laura for coming into Class 5.