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Compost Bin and Water Butt - 2014 to 2015

Mr Pascoe has been working very hard at school to get our compost bin and water butt ready to start making compost and saving water.
Thank you Mr Pascoe.

At the moment, the Eco-Warriors are responsible for emptying the compost bin from the staffroom (teabags, as teachers drink a lot of tea) into the compost bin oustide.
Class 1 are responsible for taking their left over fruit and adding it to the compost bin.

However, we will be asking individual classes to be responsible for the following very soon so we can all help to turn Holy Cross into Green Cross:

1. Empty the compost bins in the staffroom and class 1 into the compost bin outside class 4

2. Empty the green recycling bins from the classrooms

3. Water the plants around the school grounds using water from the water butt outside class 4