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Come and See

Come and See - Sorry

Week 5

Holidays and Holydays

                                                                                     Pentecost: The Birthday of the Church.

Look at the picture from Church’s Story 2 page 22-23.  

Jesus had returned to God, his Father, and the Holy Spirit was helping the friends of Jesus to pass the message on to others so that they might become his friends too.  This marked the beginning of the Church, its birth.  Pentecost is a holy day on which many parish families celebrate with a party.  On the holy day of Pentecost, the priest wears red vestments at Mass like the colour of fire.


Talk about the questions with your grown-up. 


  1. Who is in the picture?
  2. What do you think the people in the picture are celebrating?
  3. How do you celebrate a birthday?
  4. Why is Pentecost a holy day?



Choose 2 activities.

  • Using the picture as a guide, talk about the things you would need, and what you would have to do to celebrate a Pentecost holy day party.
  • Describe and record in some way what people say and do when the parish family come together to celebrate Pentecost, the birthday of the Church.
  • On a flame shape template write how the Holy Spirit guides you to help and serve others.
  • Make a birthday card for the Church.
  • Make decorations to celebrate Pentecost, the birthday of the Church e.g. paper chains, streamers, doves, flames, flags etc.

Week 4

Holidays and Holydays

                                                                                                   Pentecost: The Holy Day.

Talk about what is happening in the pictures and read the text together.  Explain how the disciples were afraid when Jesus had left them and they had gathered together in one room.  The coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost changed them.  It is a holy day because this gift of the Holy Spirit is very special.  The Holy Spirit helps and guides us in our lives just as happened to the disciples.  The Holy Spirit appeared to Mary and the disciples like tongues of fire, giving them strength and courage to serve others.



  1. Who was in the room when the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost?
  2. What were the signs of the Holy Spirit?
  3. How do you think Mary and the disciples felt?
  4. Why do you think they felt like that?

Writing Activity - copy the headings into your book and illustrate you writing. Remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Always reread what you have written.

Week 3

Holidays and Holydays

 Ascension Day: Jesus goes back to his Father.

After his Resurrection, Jesus appeared to the disciples and made a promise to send his Holy Spirit to them.

The promise of the Spirit based on John 13:33; 14:18.

Before Jesus left his friends, he promised to send them a helper, the Holy Spirit.   The holy day, Ascension Thursday, celebrates Jesus’ return to his Father.

  1. What happened on Ascension Day?
  2. Why were Jesus’ friends sad again?
  3. What was the promise Jesus gave to his friends?
  4. Who was the helper and guide?
  5. How did this make Jesus’ friends feel?

Task: Artwork

Create a piece of art to represent the Holy Spirit.

Ideas: Create a stained-glass window on a template in the shape of a dove or a flame.  Create a dove with a paper plate. Create a hat. Talk about the choice of symbol and how it represents the Holy Spirit.

(Upload a picture to show your friends on Purple Mash Class 1 Blog)

Have fun!

Week 2

Holidays and Holydays


What is an Holyday?

The word holiday comes from holyday.  In times past the only holiday anyone had was a saint’s feast day or important feast days like Easter and Christmas.  Some days of the year are ‘holy days’, when we celebrate these special times in the Church’s year.


We have just celebrated the feast of Easter when we remember Jesus rising from the dead. Look at the Easter garden or Church’s Story 2 pages 76-77.  One special word we sing at Easter time to celebrate is ‘Alleluia!’ 


Enjoy the song below...

Follow Me: Holydays and Holidays


  • Which holy days can you think of?
  • What happens on those days?
  • Which of them were also holidays?
  • How did you celebrate them?


  • Write and/or draw what happens on one of the holy days you have looked at.
  • Make a ‘Happy holy day’ card.
  • Share your work on the class blog on Purple Mash.


Term 3

Week 1

Holidays and Holydays


For Christians, Sunday is the special day of the week.  It is the day on which Jesus rose from the dead and is considered to be a day of rest.  Pentecost is a special celebration of the gift of the Holy Spirit, through whom the risen life of Jesus is given.



 Questions to share

  • Why are holidays different from ordinary days?
  • What do you like to do in the holidays?
  • Do you stay at home, visit relations or go away?
  • Who is with you?
  • What do you take?
  • If you have to travel, what means of travel do you use?
  • What do you like to do on holiday?
  • What makes it a happy time?


 Task - Family role play!

 Act out going on holiday. Pack a bag and go on holiday! Maybe you could make a tent and camp in your garden or in a different room of your house. 

What will you need? - Write/draw a list.

What activities will you do? -  Games, reading etc

What will you eat? - Make a picnic

What will you wear and what clothes might you need to take? 

How will you get there? - make a plane or a car

Take photos and share them on our class blog on Purple Mash!

Thursday 23rd April 2020

St. George's Day  

St George's Day Celebrations

Adult support needed.

Make a flag - The flag is the most visible symbol of the holiday. A large red cross on a white background. The cross refers to St. George's role in the Crusades of the Middle Ages.

Dress in blueBlue was said to be St. George's favorite colour, so it's now a custom to wear blue to major events, services and celebrations on the holiday.

Make and wear a rose -The rose is associated with St. George's death and has become one of his most recognisable symbols.

Prepare a big dinner - Feasts and banquets are how Saints' days have traditionally been honoured. Gather the family together to give thanks and savour a selection of scrumptious foods. Plan a menu full of classic English food like roasted lamb, bangers and mash and bread pudding!


Craft Activities

1. Login to the Twinkle website

Search St George's Day - choose any activity

2. Search Pinterest - St George's Day craft activities



Come and See

Please complete the following over the next 2 weeks. Do them in order, down the page. Thank you


Read the story

  • Where did Jesus get the donkey from?
  • What did the people use to wave with?
  • What did they put on the road?
  • Why do you think they did that?
  • Where have you heard the words ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord’?

Make a Palm Leaf - use packaging, old cards, scrap paper, real leaves

Read the story.

  • How did Jesus die?
  • What did Jesus say about the people who were putting him to death?
  • What words and phrases do you remember?
  • What does the story tell us about Jesus?
  • When Jesus was dying who was he thinking about?

Read the story

  • Why did the women go to Jesus’ tomb?
  • What surprised them?
  • What do Christians celebrate at Easter?

Easter Craft Ideas

Collective Worship every Monday at 9 am

Here are some lovely home learning activities.  Enjoy!