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Collective worship

Here are some helpful links to support you plan your collective worship at home.  Remember to keep it child friendly and ensure your child is involved in the planning and preparation.  Invite people from your household and bring a whole host of toys to gather. 


There are 4 parts to a Collective Worship 


Gather - e.g.You can come into the room singing Gather Together By John Burland 

Word - Choose a bible story.  Please use the children's bible with pictures. 

Respond -  Think about what the bible story means to you and pass a cross around the circle. 

Mission - Think about how the message is going to change your life and make a promise to go out into the world and live the way Jesus wanted us to. 


Please use the CAFOD resources.  Invite your child to record their planning and put it in their purple work book.  You can also take photos of your Collective Worship and add these to your home school workbook.

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