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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6

Miss Hornsby

This week's statement to live by is:
I understand the importance of peace

Welcome to the Summer!

We have lots planned this term! I have put a parents letter below to tell you all about it! I hope you are all ready for this action packed term, not only do we have cricket coaching, we have a class trip, some of us are going to PGL and we have the Showcase at CTK!

'I heard the wind above me in the sails. I remember thinking, this is silly, you haven't got your safety harness on, you haven't got your lifejacket on. You shouldn't be doing this ...I was in the cold of the sea before I could even open my mouth to scream.'
Michael Morpurgo - Kensuke's Kingdom

What a wonderful time we had on Kensuke's Island! We had an action packed spring term. We travelled the world, made friends with orang-utans, looked at the effects of an oil spillage and even tried to clear one up! We learnt how we grow and about the life cycles of different animals, we learnt about Earth and space, we explored the ancient Mayan civilisation and created an online quiz! I wonder if we have the energy for next term?

Our highlights  from the Autumn  term have been our super trip to Saint Mary Magdalene’s church in Hucknall, this helped us create our fantastic independent history research projects; our wonderful stained glass windows that were inspired by Kempe and our stained glass cookies that we baked. We won the best class award for our NSPCC big workout, raised money for our school funds by bouncing, made some super gears, got creative with leaves, followed maps around the local area to solve problems and created our own sewn Christmas decorations. We have participated in our Harvest Festival, taken a trip around the world with The Society of Recorder Players and wore silly ties for Cafod. On top of all that, we have travelled back in time and joined King Arthur on the battle field and had fun with The Railway Children! How busy have we been – we deserve a holiday!


They were just ordinary suburban children, and they lived with their Father and Mother in an ordinary red-brick-fronted villa, with coloured glass in the front door, a tiled passage that was called a hall, a bathroom with hot and cold water, electric bells, French windows, and a good deal f white paint, and 'every modern convenience', as the house-agents say.
There were three of them. Roberta was the eldest. Of course, Mothers never have favourites, but if their Mother had a favourite, it might have been Roberta. Next came Peter, who wished to be an Engineer when he grew up; and the youngest was Phyllis, who meant extremely well.
You will think that they ought to have been very happy. And so they were, but they did not know how happy till the pretty life in Edgecombe Villa was over and done with, and they had to live a very different life indeed...’

E Nesbit

‘It’s a long story, a story of great love, great tragedy, of magic and mystery, of hope, of triumph and of disaster. It is my story, but not only my story. In those empty chairs you see about the Round Table, there once sat a company of knights, the finest, bravest men this world has ever seen. They were my friends too. I’ll tell you about them, I’ll tell you about me. Lie back now and rest.’

If it’s a rainy day, perhaps you could try and write a story like this – we all know rainy days can get boring! Bring your story in and we can read it as a class!


Congratulations to our appointed School Councillors, Matthew and AJ,  to our class Eco Warriors, Megan and Maciej and our Peacemakers Cassie and Emily. I am sure you will all do a wonderful job!