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Class 6

Welcome to the Summer Term
 with Miss Hornsby

This term we have lots of exciting things planned. As well as our action packed curriculum, which will be based on the Environment and Running Wild, we will be taking part on the Year Five Showcase at Christ the King, learning how to play cricket with a coach, representing our school in a cricket tournament and having an afternoon retreat with Joe! Goodness me, what a lot to fit in one half term!

Please make sure that you all have a water bottle in school, and plimsolls, uniform and PE kits all have your names in - our lost property bin is getting rather full and all the items have no name on.

What would you do with a time machine? Which time would you travel back to? Perhaps you would go back to the days when Newstead Abbey was a priory? Perhaps you would try and find out what local life was like many years ago.
That's exactly what we are going to do this term!
On the 10th March we are going to visit Newstead and take part in a special tour, our text this term is The Time Machine so expect a few visits to Mars too!

Also this term we have a Reconciliation Day, a First Aid Day, a Stations of the Cross day, Saint Patrick's Day and an opportunity to watch the Lower Key Stage 2 production - An Easter Journey - will we have anytime for 'normal days' I wonder!

Have you ever wondered what you would wish for if you ever met a creature that could grant any wish you could think of?
This term we are reading the fantastic Five Children and It and that very thing happens to five children. Perhaps you would wish to be able to fly into space, maybe to go back in time and experience Newstead Abbey in all its glory.
Don't worry if you don't meet such a creature over the holidays, we are going to transport ourselves to all these places this half term!

Who was the real villain in the legend of Robin Hood? What adventures did Robin and his band of Merry Men have? What would happen if you were walking through the calm, peaceful Sherwood Forest when suddenly- out of the corner of your eye- you saw a hooded figure, dressed in green?
We are going to continue to explore the local legend of Robin Hood, learn how to write newspaper articles about his adventures, write persuasive letters to the people of Nottingham and create our own adventure story.
We will also look at some ballads about the legend and compose and perform our own.

Who are Mowgli's brothers? How does Kaa hunt?  Who or what is Rikki - Tikki- Tavi? How did the Rhinoceros get his wrinkly skin? Why won't cats come when they are called? How did one curious elephant- with a nose for trouble- change the lives of all elephants everywhere?
These are a few of the exciting things we will be finding out through the works of Rudyard Kipling this half term!

This week's statement to live by is:

I know what human dignity means.

PE is on Tuesday's and Thursday's.

This term spellings will be tested on a Wednesday, times tables will be on a Friday.
Homework is to be completed for a Monday!

We have had a democratic vote:
Big congratulations to our Class Eco Warriors Paige and James
Very well done to our Class School Councillors Dylan and Ella


E-on and Class 6

Still image for this video
A few pictures from our wonderful day with E-On in the community.