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Class 3


Mrs Butkevicius

Welcome to Class 3! This year we are a class of year 2 children. Well- we are now in our final term of what has been a very busy but very enjoyable year together. Apologies for the late update of the class page this term. This was due to unforseen technical difficulties which now seem to be corrected so homework, spellings and Learn-Its will once again be added weekly. 


Statement to Live By:
I try to forgive people when they hurt me.


Summer Term!


Our topic for this term is Seaside Holidays home and abroad and Roald Dahl. We shall be learning all about the seaside in the UK and about some of the similarities and differences between UK holidays and those abroad. We shall be reading and enjoying some of the books written by Roald Dahl including The Twits and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We are all looking forward to our trip to Cadbury World to enjoy our own Willy Wonka experience!


Homework and spellings will continue to be sent home each Friday. Spelling tests will usually take place on the following Friday. Children throughout the school will continue to get number facts to learn each week which ('Learn-Its'). Please continue to support your child to learn these facts. They are vital to their progression into KS2 next year. Homework activities should be handed in on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me, either by note or at the end of the school day. The door is always open. We look forward to a fantastic final term together.

We peformed some fabulous puppet shows with the Beatrix Potter character puppets we made. We had great fun. Fabulous puppets! Aren't we clever?!

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