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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3



Miss Duong and Mrs Hudson's class

We would also like to welcome Miss Fardell, our student TA who has been helping in class 3.

Who is where and when:
Monday and Tuesday- Miss Duong

Wednesday and Thursday, Friday - Mrs Hudson



This week's statement to live by is:
I try to forgive people when they hurt me.
Welcome to the summer term!


We hope that you had a great half term and had
lots of fun too.



We have a very busy term ahead of us. 

Well done to class 3 who raised £53.44 for CAFOD as part of their homework. They helped around the house and thought of ways to raise money; selling cakes, washing cars and lots more!

This term, we are learning about Roald Dahl. We will be reading his books, finding out about him and lots more.



As part of our work on Roald Dahl, we will be reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and have arranged for a trip to Cadbury World on Monday 7th July 2014.




on Wednesday 16th July 2014, classes 1, 2 and 3
Photos to be loaded onto the 'Latest News' tab under 'KS1 Carnival Day' very shortly
Thank you to all the helpers on the day who did a fantastic job!

Swimming has now finished for year 2 and will continue in year 3.



Thank you
Miss Duong and Mrs Hudson


We will continue to bake this term with Kerry. Please send in a container with a £1 donation and your child's name clearly labelled. This should be sent in when your child receives a note to inform you that they will be baking.
Thank you.



We will have PE on Tuesday's and Friday's this term. Please ensure that your child has their full PE kit in school with their name clearly labelled on their kit.
Thank you



What fantastic homework we have received this week. The children have done an amazing job making their 3D nocturnal animals!
Please see the link below for all of the brilliant photos!

Thank you.

Homework will be sent out every Friday to be returned on the following Monday.
Please ensure that your homework is presented to the highest quality and that you are proud of your homework.
Thank you.


We will be having weekly spelling tests on a Friday.
Your child's spellings will be based on the phonics group they are in and are linked to our phonic sessions. These spellings will be on the class page, see links below. These will now be stuck in the back of their spelling books for them to practise in the back of these books too.

They will also receive some keywords to read and spell. The children will move onto the next set as and when they can read and spell them consistently. These will be put in a separate book which they need to keep in their book bags.



Children throughout the school will now be getting number facts to learn which we are calling 'Learn-Its'. These are the number facts, appropriate to their age group, that they need to know by heart. The children need to be able to recite them as quickly as they can recite their name. The children will be learning the same learn-its in their numeracy lessons to help them recall these quickly until they are truly embedded.

Thank you for your continued support.
Congratulations to our appointed School Councillors Erin T and Charlie, and to our class Eco Warriors Regan and Stacey.

Number Bonds to 10 song

Creation Story, Genesis: 1

Flash animation to show children how the world was created by God in seven days.