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Welcome to Class 1!


Miss Duong & Mrs Bradley's Class
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STATEMENT TO LIVE BY for the next two weeks is:

I try to forgive people when they hurt me



Beach day in class 1.
The children are very excited about beach day and have been thinking about the different activities they would like to take part in.
If you can help on the day, please inform Mrs Bradley, Mrs Knight or Miss Duong.
Thank you for your help and support.

Hooray for the lovely weather at last! Please ensure your child has a sun hat and water bottle in school at all times.



THANK YOU to Emily and her family for taking care of our cocoons. We now have two butterflies which we have let go 3rd June 2013. There are some more photographs to view below.

Class 1 enjoyed their visit to the Tropical Butterfly House. Please see the link below to have a look at the photos.
Letting the butterflies go. Thank you Emily for looking after them over the holidays.



Welcome back

At the end of the summer term, Class 1 will be getting ready for Year 1. This is an exciting time of the year for the children as they become more independent



If you are able to spare a few hours of your time to help in Class 1, it would be grately appreciated; reading, baking and general support within the classroom. Please let me know if you are able to help. 
Thank you for your support in advance.






To support our teaching of phonics, a website you may wish to visit with your child is On this website you will find a parent section as well as lots of games your children love playing in school...especially the pirate or dragon game. To ensure your child is practising the correct level, ask them who their phonics teacher is and select the correct phase from the options.

Mrs Shelton - phase 4
Miss Duong/Mrs Bradley- phase 5 weeks 1 -7
Mrs Turner- phase 5 weeks from week 8
Mrs Butkevicius - phase 5 - weeks 15 - 30
Mrs O'Hare - phase 6

Children throughout the school will now be getting number facts to learn which we are calling 'Learn-Its'. These are the number facts, appropriate to their age group, that they need to know by heart. The children need to be able to recite them as quickly as they can recite their name. You will find that they will receive the same facts often until they are truly embedded.
In addition to our weekly homework, please help your child with their 'Learn-Its'. Thank you.

As the children have now had the chance to get use to learning their 'Learn-Its', I will be testing them on these to see if they need new ones, and these have now been given out. Please ensure you learn all of the 'Learn-Its' you have been given.
Thank you
Miss Duong


Star of the week


Each week Mrs Knight and I will choose a child to be 'star of the week.' This is a very important job for the whole week as they do lots of important jobs like taking the register to the office and doing helpful tasks in the classroom. On Monday the chosen children talk to their group about themselves and show their favourite toys and important photographs which are special to them. This time is very special to the children as they build confidence in talking in front of their friends. Letters are sent out on Friday's to the chosen children for the following week.

The Star of the week this week is...Harry