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This week's statement to live by is:
I know what human dignity means.

Welcome to the Summer Term!

Welcome back after the May half term.
I hope you've had a good break and look forward to your last half term in Foundation.
Our new topic is all about Our World and animals that live in it.

Our Come and See (RE) curriculum topic is about 'Our World.' 
We will learn about what we love about God's world, how we will look after it and how we can praise God's wonderful world.

Class 1 Prayer Book with Hope
All the classes in school have a prayer book and Class 1's prayer bag/book will be coming home with the children very soon. Class 1 have a prayer bear called Hope to help the children write a prayer.
The prayer book will be sent home with a child for them to write a prayer, and should be returned to school the next day.
The prayer will be read at the start of our school day.

Our first class prayer is fantastic!
The children helped to write three different prayers as an example of prayers that can be written in our prayer book. Each child in the class gave me an idea which was included in our prayer.
Please see the link below.
Please ensure that you write in your best handwriting and illustrate it beautifully.

Hope was taken home by Thomas today.

Please see the links below for our Come and See
(RE curriculum letter) and our curriculum letter.

Please also see the link below for photographs of our classroom and what we have been learning about.
Please see the links below for photos of what we get up to in our class.

Our Literacy topic for the next two weeks is... 

The Rainbow Fish

Our Numeracy topic this week is...

Problem solving using addition and subtraction 

As we are learning all about minibeasts. We have
our own class caterpillars. After 3 weeks, they have now turned into cocoons and we have set them free. Photos to be loaded in the link below.

Well done to the children for another fantastic class assembly! You presented a great British Values assembly and sang a song about respect.

WOW!! What amazing 3D minibeasts you all made! They are absolutely fantastic! Thank you to all that helped the children produce such fantastic creative pieces.
See photos in the links below.

As a class, we have been trying to decide what we should call our outside area. We have looked through all the ideas from last weeks homework and so far, we have decided we like the names The Forest or a name with the word kingdom in it.

The children have decided that our outside area should be called...
The Forest Kingdom

We are hoping to make a wooden sign for our outside area. If anyone is able to help, please let us know. The children have helped to make a sign for The Forest Kingdom.
Thank you.

Star of the week

 Each week Mrs Knight and I will choose a child to be 'star of the week.' This is a very important job for the whole week as they do lots of important jobs like taking the register to the office and doing helpful tasks in the classroom. On Monday the chosen child will talk to the class about themselves, show their favourite toys and important photographs which are special to them. This time is very special to the children as they build confidence in talking in front of their friends.
Letters are sent out on Friday's for the following week.

The 'Star of the week' this week be confirmed.

We will be baking in class starting on Thursday 24th September .
Your child will receive a note the day before to inform you that they will be baking that week. They will need to bring a box with their name clearly labelled on it.
Thank you.

Homework will be given out on a Friday and will need to be returned on Monday in your child's homework folder. If you have any questions about homework, please let us know.
Thank you.


Every time your child reads, please write in their reading diary along with a comment. We will be reading twice in school; individual reading and guided group reading.
If you read a total of five times a week, this includes the two reading sessions in school, your child will receive a stamp on the grid in the front of their diary.
For every 25 stamps, your child will be presented with a reading certificate.
It is very important your child reads their school reading book at least 3 times to build up their skills and confidence.

Mrs Knight and I are very proud of the certificates we have handed out so far; 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200 reads! We have also handed out our first 225 reads certificate! AMAZING reading class 1!

To support our teaching of phonics, a website you may wish to visit with your child is 
On this website you will find a parent section as well as lots of games your children will love to play.

We have learnt all of the sounds in phase 2 and some of the phase 3 sounds; j v w x z qu sh ch th ng ai ee igh oa oo (short and long sound) or ar ur oi ur ow er air  ear  

We have now learnt all of our phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs but are still practising these daily.

We have also learnt phase 4 phonics which concentrates on CVCC, CCVC and blends.
We are now applying our knowledge of everything we have learnt to help us write.
At present, were are learning some of the phase 5 digraphs which we will focus on in class 1, year 1 in September. The children will learn that there is more than one way to write the same sounds. They have learn ay as in day, ou as in cloud, ie as tie and ea as in treat.

We will have P.E. on Wednesday's  this term.

We have had a democratic vote:
Big congratulations to our Class Eco Warriors Franki and Riley.
Very well done to our Class School Councillors Jaya and Alexander.

If you are able to spare a few hours of your time to help in Class 1, it would be grately appreciated; reading, baking and general support within the classroom. Please let me know if you are able to help. 
Thank you for your support in advance.

Monday 18th April 2016 - First day back

Thursday 21st April 2016 - The Queen's 90th Birthday celebrations. Please come to school dressed in the colours of the Union Jack; red, white and blue.

Friday 22nd April 2016 - Saint George's Day celebrations. This year Saint George's day falls on Saturday 23rd April but we will be celebrating on Friday.
Please come to school dressed in the colours of the Saint Georgian flag; red and white.

Friday 29th April 2016 - class assembly at 2:50pm -
All welcome

Monday 23rd May - Minibeast talk all about worms from our visitor Lydia.

Friday 10th June - Inset Day

Monday 13th June - Inset Day

Wednesday 29th June - visit in class 1, year 1, all day

Friday 1st July - Our last class assembly

Monday 18th July 2016 - Trip to the Tropical Butterfly House - see photos by clicking on the link below

Thursday 21st July 2016 - Graduation from the Foundation Stage -
see photos by clicking on the link below