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Autumn Term Newsletter - Find out what you will be learning about this term

September 2009
Dear Parents,
Welcome back to the new academic year. I trust you have had an enjoyable Summer. Please find below a list of topics that we will be covering this term.
The children will be studying a range of fiction and non-fiction texts including poems, playscripts, reports and articles, instructional texts, recounts of visits, recipes and historical stories. Please can you continue to read regularly with your child as this greatly improves your child’s progress in all areas of the curriculum.
Spellings will be sent home for your child to practise every Monday, for a test on Friday. These spellings will be linked to specific strands of the literacy curriculum and will be differentiated for the two age ranges within the class. Occasionally your child may have extra spellings, words taken from errors made in their literacy work. If you have concerns that your child is not taking their spellings home, please let me know.
 If any parents are free and willing to come and listen to children read, please let me know. All help is greatly appreciated, particularly with having a large class of 37 children.

In Numeracy this term we will be covering a variety of topics including;
·        Place value, ordering and rounding numbers
·        Mental calculation strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
·        Money and real life problems
·        Measures including problems
·        Shape and space
·        Properties of numbers and reasoning about numbers
·        Fractions and decimals
·        Data handling
·        Ratio and proportion
Year 4 and 5 children will be following similar mathematical areas each week, but will be working towards different objectives in accordance with expectations from the Numeracy strategy. There will be a times tables test every Friday, and your child will be told on Monday which times tables to learn that week.
Here I Am
The areas we are covering this term are; ‘People’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Preparations’. We will also be studying Judaism for one week this term. Citizenship will also be incorporated within these topics.
Our general topic for this term will be called Funny Bones. We will be linking most of our curriculum areas into this topic, to give learning more meaning. Here are the main areas of the curriculum that will link into this topic.
We will be covering three topics in Science this term. The first topic is ‘Moving and Growing’; this will include studying human and animal skeletons, muscles that are attached to the skeleton and the effects of exercise on muscles. The second topic is ‘Keeping Healthy’ which will build upon areas of knowledge studied in the first topic. This will include the need for an adequate and balanced diet, the importance of exercise on the heart, the use of blood vessels, pulse and heart rates and the effect of harmful substances on the body. We will also be revisiting ‘Teeth and Eating’. We will also be looking at the effects of poor diets and poverty, and diseases such as rickets and scurvy.
History and Geography
This term in History we will be studying ‘The Vikings’. This will be closely linked to our Geography topic ‘Village Settlers’. These two areas will be covered simultaneously. These units will be taught separately to our ‘Funny Bones’ topic.
Design and Technology
This term we will be covering the unit ‘Biscuits’. We will be looking at recipes, designing packaging, market research, and we hope to make our own biscuits. We aim to link this to healthy eating, by looking at healthy biscuit recipes.
This term we will be focusing on data handling and spreadsheets, mainly through Science, Numeracy and Design and Technology. I.C.T. will also be incorporated into other subject areas.
As we will be studying the film ‘Oliver’ as part of Literacy, Science and the topic ‘People’ in RE, we will revisit songs from the musical ‘Oliver’. We will also be listening to ‘Danse Macabre’ by Camille Saint – Saens, linking into our ‘Moving and Growing’ unit. This will also link to dance.
As we are looking at bones and skeletons, we will be studying Damian Hurst’s skull design ‘For the love of God‘ and making collages/pictures relating to this. We will also be studying the unit ‘Portraying Relationships’ and using the film ‘Oliver’ to look at the relationship between the rich and the poor  in London in Victorian times.
The children will be taking part in dance and games activities this term. Weather permitting, we may have opportunities to do outdoor games. Our PE days are Monday and Friday. All children need to have their PE kits in school on those days.
Our class will be swimming every Thursday morning this half term, starting on 17th September. The lesson is from 10.00am -10.45am, so we will be leaving school at 9.45am and returning to school for just after 11am.  If any parents with CRB checks are able to help, please could you let me know. 
Homework will be sent out every Friday to be returned the following Monday. Please ensure that your child brings their homework in on time.
If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me and arrange a time, preferably after school, where we can discuss your child’s progress.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs. L. O’ Hare
Class 5 Teacher