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2014 to 2015

September 2014
Welcome back to the new Eco school year!
We are looking forward to electing our new Eco team for the new school year.

Each class has now voted for their Eco Warriors and we will have a meeting very soon so that we can gather as a new Eco Team for academic year 2014-2015.

If you have any ideas to help make our school more Eco friendly, please pass these onto the Eco warriors from your class or speak to Miss Duong directly.
Thank you.

Watch this space for Eco news!

July 2014
Latest news!

Wow! Look at the link below to see all of the peas and potatoes that class 1 have been growing with Sandra. We can't wait to get green at Green Cross next year when I hope to get all classes involved with growing and more greenness!

Thank you so much Sandra!

June 2014
Thursday 19th June 2014 - Swap Shop was a big success at Green Cross today. The children enjoyed swapping their unwanted toys for another. Green Cross are great at recycling! Thank you to job squad, year 5 and 6s who helped and the Eco-Team who helped during the swap shop opening hours this afternoon.
See the photos in the link below.
Keep on recycling at Green Cross. Miss Duong

I have organised for some classes to visit Hucknall Tesco as part of their initiative to launch a new scheme 'Farm to Fork' where the children will learn all about food and where it comes from but more importantly to have a healthy relationship with food.
 Tesco will be leading this free session at their local store.
Visits will begin on Monday 23rd June 2014.
Please see the web link below to find out more about 'Farm to Fork, The Tesco Eat Happy Project.' 
If you are able to help or walk the children to Tesco, please let me know. Thank you for your green help and support.
Miss Duong

Swap shop to be held in on Thursday 19th June 2014.
The eco team have decided that Green Cross should help the environment by holding a 'swap shop' where the children bring in any unwanted but re-useable items that they may want to swap for another.

Thank you so much to year 6 who have written letters to local gardening centres to ask for donations of plants for the pond at Green Cross.
We are pleased to say that the year 6's have done a great job as we have had two garden centres donate some of their plants.
Watch the green space for some photos once that have been planted in the pond area.
I would also like to thank Mr and Mrs Pascoe and Mrs Hudson for picking these plants up. The pond is getting there.
Many of the classes at Green Cross have been looking and learning all about pond life.

May 2014
Pond Developments at Green Cross
Wednesday 7th May 2014
Thank you so much to David, Denise, Mrs Simpson, Mr and Mrs Pascoe for donating their time and helping with the digging, weeding, laying of the slabs and lots more at Green Cross' pond today

Parent/adult helpers required to complete the pond project at Green Cross. Work begins at 1.30pm, all helpers welcome.

Children from class 1 and 5 have been looking at habitats in the school grounds and are learning a lot about these habitats.

Sandra and Keith have continued to work hard with class 1 to weed and grow in a weekly basis at Green Cross. We would like to say a big thank you for their continued help and support.

March 2014
On Thursday 6th March, Sandra came to help us weed the garden area outside class 4 ready to plant seeds so we could start growing again at school. See the links below for photos.

At the moment, children from class 1 are taking part in the garden club and I look to expand this to dinner times too. 
I will be asking children to design posters for this too!

Watch this green space!

January 2014

Last year, we sent out a letter to ask parent and carers to help us become an even greener school.
Those of you who have confirmed that you could access the school website and class page to keep up to do date with current news, letters and more will receive a letter shortly to confirm that you will try and help, therefore, the spring Come and See and curriculum letter and those in the future will be on the class pages for those who ticked 'yes' For those who could not access the internet, a paper copy will be sent out to you.
At present, we are sending out one letter per family in school, sometimes, every child will need a letter such as forms and these will be sent out to every child.

Thank you for all your help and support.

The Eco-Team met on Monday 13th January 2014 to discuss an up and coming project we would like to plan to help recycle.

Watch this Eco space!!