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2013 to 2014

September 2013
Welcome back to the new Eco school year!
Today, Tuesday 24th September 2013, the new Eco team met for the first time and had their photos taken and were given a new Eco welcome pack.

Each class has now voted for their Eco Warriors and we will have a meeting this week so that we can gather as a new Eco Team for academic year 2013-2014.

We will be having an Eco meeting as soon as each class has voted for new Eco Warriors!

If you have any ideas to help make our school more Eco friendly, please pass these onto the Eco warriors from your class or speak to Miss Duong directly. Thank you.

Watch this space for Eco news!

If you have any unwanted rocks or stones or anything we can use to build a rockery for the pond area, please speak to Miss Duong.

Eco Year February to July 2013

On Friday the 5th July 2013, volunteers from Boots came to Green Cross to dig a hole for our school pond.
Please see the links below for pond construction and the 'latest news' link to see class 4 working hard to investigate pond life.

We hope to attract lots of minibeasts and wildlife to Green Cross!!


Next Eco-metting to be announced soon!

We have now achieved 'bronze' status which means that you will begin to see the kitemark on school letters. This means that we have begun our journey to becoming a green flag school. We are now working towards our 'silver' status.

This half term will be exciting as some classes will be learning more about how to be green; growing in class 2, visiting the Tropical Butterfly House class 1, letting the butterflies go in class 1 that Emily has been looking after over the holidays (see Class 1s page - Goodbye Butterflies for photos) and the children in the school will be planting and growing more and more!

We welcomed Mrs Bales to our Eco-Team!
During our Eco meeting, we agreed on our Eco-rules which will be shared with the rest of the school. These rules will be displayed in the classrooms and around the school.

We have now completed everything we need to do for our Bronze award. Mrs Lynes will apply for this and we will be getting the stamp for our letter head very soon.

Mr Pascoe made some bug homes with some of the children in Class 1.
Watch this green space.

Next Eco meeting on Tuesday 21st May 2013 at 3pm.
All Eco Warriors were given an 'Eco Warrior badge' to recognise their responsiblity within school.

This Friday, 10 May 2013, Class 1, the Eco Warriors and Mr Pascoe will be welcoming a visitor from the School Waste Action Club (SWAC) who will be talking to us all about how to get our compost bin started.
Thank you Mr Pascoe for arranging this. Please the links below for the photos with the Compost Doctor.


Eco meeting 2 at 3pm on 30 April 2013.
This is an exciting time for school and the Eco warriors. We have ordered and just received our compost bin for the staff room (for teabags for all that tea the teachers drink!) and to make compost. We have also got a water butt so will start to save water too!
Mr Pascoe is doing lots of planting with the children, and class 1 have been extra green by planting broad beans, sunflowers, tomatoes and lots more.


The whole school took part in 'Climate Week Challenge' 4-11 March 2013. Three Eco house designs were sent to be judged at the 'Climate Week Challenge.'


Our Eco Warriors attended the first Eco meeting for Green Cross!


Holy Cross signed up to become an Eco school. We will be working to achieve Bronze, Silver and Green status for our school. Once these have been achieved, they will become part of the school's letter head.
 Each class voted to decide who would represent their Eco Warriors.

Look at the photographs in the links below, and see all of our green activities that we have taken part in at Green Cross.