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Meet our School Councillors of 2018-2019


Welcome to the School Council!




This year, we have had to apply for our position on the School Council. Please see our School Councillors for 2018 this year. 



As the academic year for 2017-2018 begins, each class will have a democratic vote to elect two members for the School Council.

In Class 6 last year, we had Brooke as the Chairman and Evie as the Vice Chairman. Who will it be this year?




We've been very busy this Summer Term with SATs, PGL and lots of building work around the school.

We have helped the kitchen staff decide what the children would like on our new menu for the next school year. On the new dinner menus, we will have a starter and a main course or a main course and a pudding.

As a result of our discussions about making our playground bigger and better at County Hall back in November 2016, work has now been completed on our bigger and better playground; an extended playground with a shed to hold play equipment, new goal posts, new fencing and hopefully, we will replace our trim trail soon.

We have also written our last newsletter for this school year which can be found on the following tabs, Parents/Newsletters.


Brooke and Evie held our School Council meeting this half term.

It has been a quiet start to the new year, but please see the link below for our third

School Council newspaper:

We will be thinking about how we can improve our school and hold our next meeting very soon.



We met for the first time in September to introduce ourselves to one another.

We have decided to report on any news in our own classes and around school by writing the school newspaper which we have named as 'Holy Cross News!'



We have all been reporting about everything that has been happening in school this half term. We decided that we wanted to call the school newspaper 'Holy Cross News.' We all hope that you enjoy reading our first School Council newspaper.


Please see the link below:


Please see the link below for our second School Council newspaper:


Autumn 2

It's the first week back after half-term and the Chair and Vice-Chair

have been very busy this week.

They have started to take change of the notice boards at the front of the school and in the playground by making sure they are up to date

and deciding what we should put in there.

They have also ordered School Council badges for us to wear.

Monday 21st November 2016

School Council visit County Hall. We will upload some photos very soon.