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Pax Christi Trust Membership


Pax Christi Board of Directors

Title Initial Surname Forename Date of Appointment Appointment ends Type Committee 1 Committee 2
Mrs V Brierley Vivienne 17.01.2014 16.01.2018 Parent Finance & HR  
Mr R Carter Reg 01.02.2011 31.01.2015 Foundation Finance & HR  
Mr C Cuomo Carlo 17.01.2014 16.01.2018 Parent Finance & HR Achievements & Ethos
Mr R della-Spina Robert 01.01.2016 31.12.2020 Head Teacher Finance & HR Achievement & Ethos
Mrs L Edwards Louise 03.03.2016 02.03.2020 Chair of Holy Cross GB    
Mrs D England Donna 12.01.2016 11.01.2020 Parent Achievement & Ethos  
Ms J Fru Jacinta 01.02.2016 31.01.2020 Chair of St Margaret Clitherow GB Finance & HR  
Mrs C Reilly Chris 01.02.2011 31.01.2015 Foundation Achievement & Ethos  
Mrs K Taylor Karen 01.09.2015 31.08.2019 Head Teacher Achievement & Ethos Finance & HR
Mrs M Williams Margaret 01.09.2014 31.08.2018 Foundation Achievement & Ethos Finance & HR
Mr D Wilson David 01.05.2014 30.04.2018 Foundation Finance & HR Achievement & Ethos
Rev P Ziomek Philip 01.01.2012 31.12.2015 Foundation Achievement & Ethos  
Mrs R Burke Rebecca 20.09.2016 19.09.2020 Chair    


Directors Conflicts & Declarations of Interest

Title Surname Forename Updated Interest Declared            
        1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Mrs Brierley Vivienne 22.10.15 Nottingham Girls Academy
Leo's Day Nursery
Lesley Phair Associates
Mr Carter Reg 18.09.15 Pension from Barclays PLC NRCDES Trustee/Director     NRCDES Trustee/Director    
Mr Cuomo Carlo 22.10.15 None            
Mr della Spina Robert 26.02.16 None           Zoe della Spina is employed as Office Manager at Good Shepherd Primary CVA
Mrs Edwards Louise 11.03.16 None            
Mrs England Donna 08.02.15 None            
Mrs Fru Jacinta   Derby City Council            
Mrs Reilly Chris 22.10.15 None            
Mrs Taylor Karen 22.10.15 None            
Mrs Williams Margaret 16.12.15 None            
Mr Wilson David 22.10.15 FASNA
National Induction Panel for Teachers
David Wilson (Education Consultancy, Sole Trader)
NRCD, Director
NRCDES Director
    NRCD, Director
NRCDES, Director
Rev Ziomek Philip 22.10.15 None            
Mrs Rebecca Burke 26.09.16 None            


  1. Remuneration
  2. Directorships
  3. Significant shareholdings
  4. Research Income for work over £50,000
  5. Unremunerated Activities related to those of PCCAT and/or one or more of its members
  6. Political Pressure Groups or Associations where their objectives are related to the acitivities and objects of the PCCAT
  7. Family Interests