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What You Said - What We Did.


Thank you for your responses after our first term of  weekly Masses, they really help us develop the provision for Mass and Collective Worship. 


You said after the first Mass - It would be nice to be greeted by members of the Prayer and Care group.

We did - Prayer and Care Group members now greet parents into the hall.

You said - I would like to hear religious music as we enter the hall.

We did - We make sure we now play religious music - sometimes this could just be piano based.

You said - You'd like to see more teacher and adult involvement.

We did - The class' teacher will now also take part in the celebration; this might be the introduction, a prayer or the offertory. 

You said- As a non- catholic the Mass was hard to follow

We did - We talked to Father Paul, he now briefly says what each part of the Mass is and we improved our power point.

You said - The children sang beautifully!

We did - Passed this praise onto the pupils.


The pupils said - 

We would like to sing more to sing more - we put the children's Eucharistic Prayer to music. 

We would like to see more pupils involved - we added a drama as a reflection to the word to include more pupils. 

We would like certificates given out like the old Congratulations Assembly  - we asked Father Paul to present the ' Heart which sees' and the class Congratulations Certificate. Mr della-Spina tells us the class attendance and House Points.